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Office for European Programmes (Bureau Brussels)

The Netherlands likes to describe itself as the Gateway to Europe. Rijkswaterstaat plays a crucial role in building and maintaining the infrastructure that enables the Netherlands to perform that function. Our efforts to promote safety, environmental quality and mobility do not stop at our national borders.

International projects are therefore an integral part of Rijkswaterstaats activities. Cross-border cooperation is embedded in all of our work processes, yielding knowledge and innovations that help us to constantly improve the quality and efficiency of our operations.

Office for European Programmes (Rijkswaterstaat Bureau Brussels)

One of the objectives of Rijkswaterstaats international cooperation is to create added value for its own projects, while simultaneously helping to achieve the EU’s goals and meet the challenges it faces. By participating in EU programmes, such as Horizon2020, CEF, LIFE and Interreg to name just a few, we collaborate with our European partners in developing the knowledge and innovations required to meet those objectives.

The Office for European Programmes is a centre of expertise for European programmes established by Rijkswaterstaat in 2013. Its mission is to stimulate, facilitate, and manage the cooperation with our European and other international partners in relation to research and innovation projects. To that end, it maintains close links with key stakeholders in the research and innovation arena on important issues such as Corridor Management (Intelligent Transport Systems), Networking for Urban Vitality, Asset Management, Water and Climate, Circular Economy, Pooled Funding and the Digital Agenda.

The Office for European Programmes also actively participates in organizations and networks such as:

Research platforms

The staff of the Office for European Programmes share their knowledge with international partners in Brussels and are continuously involved in the decision-making processes of our European network, for example through their membership of European river commissions.


Knowledge does not recognise borders. Rijkswaterstaat collaborates with other countries by sharing its knowledge and providing assistance where necessary. We cooperate with other Dutch government agencies and knowledge & research institutes in European projects. We have also built an extensive network of infrastructure authorities and environmental agencies in Europe, especially in countries with whom we share European transport corridors and water systems.