The Dutch economy relies heavily on transport and logistics; the main economic centres must remain accessible. Quickly and safely. By road and by water. Rijkswaterstaat is working on this in its role as manager and developer of the country’s main road and waterway network.

Sustainable mobility

Road users and users of the Dutch waterways must be able to reach their destination quick, safe and comfortable. Rijkswaterstaat continuously works on this goals. One of the challenges we face is how to do this sustainable and smart.

Roads and waterways

Traffic by road and by water; both are crucial for the Dutch economy. Smart working methods and innovations in traffic management, road design and traffic models offer opportunities for getting the most out of our road and waterway network and using it safely.

Smart mobility

To maintain mobility and preserve the quality of life in the Netherlands in the future, we endeavour to make the most of the possibilities offered by information and communication technology (ICT). We refer to this use of ICT solutions as smart mobility.


Intelligent Traffic Light Installations (iTLIs)

Besides vehicles, roadside installations are becoming smarter too. Namely, Rijkswaterstaat has activated 19 intelligent traffic light installations (iTLIs) as part of this development. These iTLIs contain software capable of communicating with vehicles and navigation apps to make traffic safer and more sustainable.

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CHARM programme

CHARM is the programme that will help Rijkswaterstaat to continue to shape traffic management in the right way in the future. It is a smart ICT platform which will be used in the traffic centers and along the road by on duty road inspectors and officers.

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